Volunteer services day

Together with our strategic shareholder and partner, Acciona, which implements a sustainable development strategy, we have created an initiative called Volunteer Services Day, addressed to primary school pupils. The idea is to get children involved in important issues as climate change, energy saving or efficient and responsible management of resources. This is also an opportunity to spend time with children playing and learning and the employees of our company are directly involved in this initiative.

The Noble Package charitable campaign

Mostostalowa Noble Mobilisation is an initiative in which all employees of the companies have been participating for four years, together with employees at construction sites in various Polish towns and cities. The campaign forms part of the national project entitled Szlachetna Paczka, whose objective is direct help consisting in the preparing Christmas packages for the needy, so that they receive items that are really necessary. Mostostal Santa Clauses from all over Poland prepare Christmas packages and deliver them directly to families in need.