Development and training

We support employees in their professional development and build their career paths from construction engineers to site and contract managers. This is evidenced by numerous internal promotions and the long-term employment of a significant number of our employees.

We develop, using methods as follows:

Learning through experience

We make sure that employees take part in new, difficult and challenging tasks and projects.

Mutual support

We place an emphasis on learning from one another and the exchange of knowledge and experiences while cooperating in the implementation of projects. Managers play a special role in the development of employees, supporting them through day-to-day talks, designating new tasks and providing feedback.


Thanks to performance evaluation system each employee can identify expected demands in relation to the skills required at his position and get feedback about his performance from a supervisor.

The evaluation system constitutes a tool that supports our employees in planning their career development.

Training and development programs

Our employees have an opportunity to develop via training sessions in technical, legal and financial knowledge, as well as interpersonal skills. Our company has implemented a prestigious training programme: Mostostal Academy: Energy for Development addressed to management staff. The programme was aimed at developing competencies in team management, used on an every-day basis in the positions of construction site manager, contract manager and head of the department.

At the moment we are in the middle of a new project: City of Development (Miasto Rozwoju). It is addressed to employees with a several-year working experience, having a huge potential to grow and to be promoted. Participants of the program are divided into groups, according to their professional profile:

engineering group dedicated to those employed as e.g. site engineer, production preparation engineer

a managerial group, dedicated to those holding functions such as work manager, site manager

In this program, participants can develop competences assigned to positions that they will hold in the future, such as negotiations skills, organisation and planning, team management. They also broaden their knowledge, for example, in the area of managing crisis situations at a building site or construction contract budgeting.

In order to fully motivate participants of the program, apart from organising standard classes in training room, we have used a platform which uses mechanisms of a typical game: scoring points, receiving awards, rankings (so-called gamification).