Students and graduates

We invest in young talent, providing students with the chance to complete the Summer Internship Programme and paid traineeships in Tender Department.


During an internship in our company, future construction industry engineers have the opportunity t use their academic knowledge on a construction site, learn about the management of construction projects in practice and observe technological solutions used in the production process.

Students of technical universities, primarily with majors in construction, environmental engineering, architecture and electro-technology, are welcome to participate in the internship programme. The programme is organised throughout the entire country in the summer – from June to September. Internships last from 4 to 12 weeks.

Applications are accepted from the beginning of March until the end of May via the recruitment form:




We also give students an opportunity to take part in traineeships in Tender Departments in Warsaw head office or in one of our regional divisions. During work students will get to know how cost estimate is created, will know specific character of contacts with counterparties and will be able to check their skills at using BIM program.

Final year students primarily with majors in construction, environmental engineering, and electro-technology are invited to participate in a paid 6-month-long traineeship programme. The traineeships take place during academic year also. A trainee has to be available three days a week only. This will allow students to combine work responsibilities with university classes easily.

Applications are accepted via the recruitment form:



Bartosz Rodak

I have chosen an internship in Mostostal Warszawa, because...

I wanted to gain a proper experience, which will allow me to supervise the construction works in the future. Mostostal Warszawa is one of the largest construction companies in Poland, so it is natural that everyone wants to try their hand in a big project under the aegis of Mostostal Warszawa. I was fortunate to get an internship.

The recruitment process was...

conducted in a very professional manner. Despite the initial stress, I was able to answer all the questions and I am very happy with the result. I wish that each recruitment looked like this.

The most interesting experience I have gained during an internship was...

Each experience was interesting. It was very valuable to learn about the construction process from the side of the supervisors, knowing advantages and disadvantages of being a manager.

I have learnt...

how to supervise reinforced concrete, carpentry and masonry works. I've met a production preparation process, starting from finding companies interested in cooperation to the signing of the contract. I am very happy with the internship because it enabled me to understand many aspects of engineer’s work.

I will remember...

A great team, composed of young minds and experienced people, who always had time to explain to me the various intricacies of the world of construction. Being trusted was also important, and every time I tried to repay by working as best as I could.

An internship in Mostostal Warszawa was an opportunity to...

my personal development, gaining experience in managing various construction works, knowing the rules of managing the construction site. I think that I have become more aware of the challenges awaiting me, related to my career path and I am very happy that I will be facing them as an employee of Mostostal Warszawa.